Ball Pen Inks have been our signature products for more than 60 years. From classic products like Dokumental® 600 B to the Docufluidal® smooth writing inks, we offer every variation of ball pen ink you may need, all with the quality and product safety Dokumental® is known for.

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Dokumental® Prime

Dokumental® Prime is our premium series of ball pen inks. Most of the inks of this series do not only correspond to the regulations of documentary proof writing (ISO 12757-2), but exceed them by far. This makes sure that your writing will be readable for years or even decades. The combination of very intense colours and excellent writing experience make these inks the number one choice for high-end writing.

Download Technical Data Sheet: TDS Dokumental Prime


Dokumental® is not only our company name, but also the name of one of our best-known ball pen ink series. This is no coincidence, as most of these inks have been sold for four or more decades and are still used in billions of pens today. It is most likely that every person using pens worldwide, has at one point written with one of our inks. This success is based upon well balanced product characteristics and reliability which are the standards for all Dokumental® products.

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Docufluidal® Smooth Writing

The inks of our Docufluidal® series are optimized for a smooth writing experience. With over 25 years of experience in producing low viscosity inks we can offer you the best combination of smooth writing and the product safety Dokumental® is known for. Our Docufluidal® BP series includes “classic” low viscosity ball pen inks. It can be used with standard ball pen tips and features a much smoother writing experience than inks with a higher viscosity. It is especially adjusted to avoid gooping and static leaking – problems that are of concern with low viscosity inks. In addition to the standard colours we have extended our product range with 11 fancy side colours in our Docufluidal® BP 3xx series.

Docufluidal® BP 5xx series closes the gap between standard low viscosity and ultra low viscosity inks. These inks can be used with selected standard tip without gooping or static leaking. For optimum smooth writing performance they should be used with specially adjusted tips.

The Docufluidal® EF series sums up 25 years of experience with low viscosity inks. With an even more reduced viscosity, this series offers a high ink-laydown for smooth writing with minimized leaking and gooping when combined with especially adjusted tips (available from all major tip manufacturers). The inks are resistant to water and smearing and are offered in a variety of intense, vivid colours. The Standard colours are part of Docufluidal® EF 1xx series, while the fancy colours can be found in Docufluidal® EF 3xx series.

Download Technical Data Sheets:

TDS Docufluidal BP

TDS Docufluidal BP 3xx

TDS Docufluidal BP 5xx

TDS Docufluidal EF 1xx

TDS Docufluidal EF 3xx

Dokumental® Special Colours

If your pens need some extra colour, our Dokumental® Special Colours are your number one choice. We have 11 different fancy ball pen ink side colours with the reliability and safety you expect from us.

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Dokumental® Fluo

In addition to our Dokumental® Special Colours the Dokumental® Fluo series offers you a variety of ball pen inks with bright fluorescent colours

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The DOCU® series is our entry level ball pen ink. It features the writing properties you expect from Dokumental® at a favourable price. All of the inks have clear drain properties in suitable plastic refills.

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Dokumental® Ink Followers IF 43xx

We also offer suitable ink followers for all our ball pen inks that are optimized for different tube diameters in our Dokumental® IF 43xx series. Using our ink with our ink follower will guarantee an optimized compatibility in the refill.

Download Technical Data Sheet: TDS Dokumental IF 43xx