Our marking inks are used for all kinds of marking applications. Our alcohol-based inks have an excellent adhesion, even on very smooth surfaces. They dry quickly and show no beading or feathering. All inks are easily usable with suitable reservoir markers. Our water-based permanent marker inks (Aquaperm® and Dokumental® CB series) are suitable for marking applications on most surfaces. They have an easy handling as they are not classified as flammable liquids.

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Dokumental® MA 20xx

Dokumental® MA 20xx series is our standard alcohol-based permanent marker ink range. This series has an excellent overall performance and most inks are lightfast according to ISO 12757/2. We can offer a great variety of colours in this series.

Download Technical Data Sheet: TDS Dokumental MA 20xx

Dokumental® MA 30xx

This state of the art series of permanent marking inks combines the best of two worlds. While it shows the intensity and excellent adhesion of our Dokumental® MA 20xx series, it also offers excellent cap-off properties. This makes it an ideal choice for all kinds of permanent marking applications. It is available in all main colours.

Download Technical Data Sheet: TDS Dokumental MA 30xx

Dokumental® MA 45xx

If you need additional colour shades with extended cap-off, Dokumental® MA 45xx is the series of choice. It contains three side colours to round off your portfolio.

Download Technical Data Sheet: TDS Dokumental MA 45xx

Dokumental® MA 65xx

Dokumental® MA 65xx series combines the fluorescent colours of highlighter inks with the excellent adhesion of permanent marking inks.

Download Technical Data Sheet: TDS Dokumental MA 65xx

Dokumental® IM 8010

This industrial marker ink offers the opacity and adhesion of a paint marker ink, but with the ease of use of a reservoir marker. The colour is a deep and intense black.

Download Technical Data Sheet: TDS Dokumental IM 8010

Aquaperm® AP 85xx

The inks of our Aquaperm® AP 85xx series are available in a variety of metallic colours, giving nice and shiny effects on most surfaces. Due to their excellent opacity they can also be used on dark paper. They also show good adhesion and light- and water-fastness properties.

Download Technical Data Sheet: TDS Dokumental AP 85xx

Aquaperm® AP 95xx

The Aquaperm® AP 95xx series has a very high light-fastness and therefore a high resistance against fading.

Download Technical Data Sheet:  TDS Dokumental AP 95xx

Aquaperm® AP 9680

Our Aquaperm® AP 9680 is the world’s first white ink that combines the high covering strength of a valve action marker ink and the easy handling of a reservoir marker. It has a good adhesion on many smooth surfaces and excellent light-fastness properties.

Download Technical Data Sheet: TDS Dokumental AP 9680

Dokumental® CB 81xx

The novelty of our Dokumental® CB 81xx series is the ColourBurst effect. These inks develop their opacity as they dry, giving the appearance of the colour “bursting” to full view over a few seconds. They are suitable for use on black, white, and other neutral shades of paper. The inks can also exhibit nice and interesting effects on glass, plastic, and metal surfaces.

Download Technical Data Sheet: TDS Dokumental CB 81xx