Our highlighter ink portfolio consists of both pigmented and dye-based fluorescent inks. All of the inks feature brilliant and fluorescent colours. They are water based  and suitable for both reservoir and free ink systems. Extended cap-off times can be achieved with selected components.

gelb highlighting small

Dokumental® PF 61xx

The pigmented highlighter inks of our Dokumental® PF 61xx series are our recommendation if you are looking for long-lasting fluorescence. The inks combine the brightness and fluorescence of dye-based inks with the light-fastness and water-resistance of pigmented inks. If they are used with adjusted nibs the inks are inkjet-safe.

Download Technical Data Sheet: TDS Dokumental PF 61xx

Dokumental® CF 57xx

The dye-based inks of our Dokumental® CF 57xx series are optimized for an extended cap-off time. Furthermore they are extremely brilliant when used on standard papers.

Download Technical Data Sheet: TDS Dokumental CF 57xx

Dokumental® CF 58xx

Our Dokumental® CF 58xx series has high brilliancy and can be used on all kinds of paper. Unlike other highlighter inks it is also suitable for thermo-fax paper.

Download Technical Data Sheet: TDS Dokumental CF 58xx