In Colouring we can also offer you a broad variety of inks. Besides a wide range of standard fibre pen inks, both as ready inks and as a concentrate mixing kit we have specialities like erasable and colour-changing inks and inks based on food dyes.

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Dokumental® FA 24xx

The inks of Dokumental® FA 24xx series are our standard range of fibre pen inks. We can offer over 40 intense and brilliant colours.

Download Technical Data Sheet: TDS Dokumental FA 24xx

Dokumental® FA 27xx

If you like even more individuality in your fibre pen port-folio, we suggest our Dokumental® FA 27xx colour mixing kit. With six basic colour concentrates you can create your own colours or use our mixing table with 51 colour shades. This series provides endless possibilities.

All components of the mixing kit and the finished inks are CE (toys) compliant.

Download Technical Data Sheet: TDS Dokumental FA 27xx

Dokumental® FC 83xx

Our flip chart marker inks of Dokumental® FC 83xx series have all the properties a good flip-chart marker ink needs. The inks have intense colours,  they do not strike through to the next sheet of paper, and they have a long  cap-off time of over four weeks in suitable components.

Download Technical Data Sheet: TDS Dokumental FC 83xx

Dokumental® Magic Inks

Our portfolio of magic inks consists of three different types of fibre pen inks. The inks of our Dokumental® ER 31xx series can be completely erased using our Dokumental® LF 42xx erasing liquids.

The inks of the Dokumental® CC 32xx series can be changed to another colour using an erasing liquid, while our Dokumental® CC 33xx series can be changed to two different colours using different erasing liquids.

Download Technical Data Sheets:

TDS Dokumental ER 31xx

TDS Dokumental CC 32xx

TDS Dokumental CC 33xx

TDS Dokumental LF 42xx

Dokumental® NT 5xx NA

The inks of our Dokumental® NT 5xx NA series are based on food-dyes and are washable from most fabrics. When used with suitable components, cap-off times of over four weeks can be achieved.

Download Technical Data Sheet: TDS Dokumental NT 5xx